2014 Bangalore

Worxogo offers AI enabled employee performance improvement solutions to businesses. Offers three products - Xogolign, Xogonet, and gIM.


2017 Mumbai

Blubyn is an AI-driven app-based travel planning platform. The platform enables users to book flight tickets and hotel rooms through IM (Instant Messaging) after providing relevant details.

Santulan Technologies

2016 Chandigarh

Santulan Technologies provides multiple artificial intelligence based custom solutions. Its services include predictive analytics, image recognition, natural language processing, sentiment models, text and document analytics, intent analysis, etc.


2017 Ahmedabad

Stealth-mode startup working on providing artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions for self-driving cars. As of December 2017, not much information is provided on the company's website.


2015 Hyderabad

Intellibot is an AI-enabled robotic process automation platform. Uses visual programming and computer vision technologies.

2016 Bangalore

TIE.AI enables business/enterprises to design, develop and deploy chatbots that connect to various back end systems to execute workflows.